January’s Take it further challenge begins

I read the challenge yesterday around noon and it’s taken me over a day to wrap my head around this one. Who do I admire and why? It really comes down to… I admire a lot of different people for very different reasons — it’s an individual trait not the whole person usually. So I’m thinking of ways to make this work.

I’m also hoping to use the colours. Unfortunately, they don’t print really well on my printer but tonight, at home when I’m not supposed to be working, I’ll gather up my stranded cotton and match the colours. I already have two of them from my lunchtime foray. A friend and I had lunch at a teahouse/shop today and I discovered a basket of single napkins (okay some of them might have had pairs, but they were selling them in singles.) So I took a chance on my memory of the colours and picked up three linen napkins. Not only were they on sale but when I got back to my computer — two of them matched the swatches quite well. It’s an awesome start so I will be using the colours.

I’m already thinking about ATC or postcard size patches representing different attributes and the person, then joined together to make one larger piece. Maybe CQ or maybe not. Hard to say right now.

Had to get this all down before it was lost. So ba


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