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TIFC No Where Near Complete

January 30, 2008

Well it appears that this month’s challenge (TIF) piece is what Sharon B would refer to as a “slow cloth.” I had a not bad beginning. Located my materials, decided on the focus and then promptly complicated the whole thing. Oh it’s not that bad. I just had more to work on than I had time. I do have the first two parts of this piece finished.

I am using the colour palette suggested with some additions. I did begin on Jan 3 before anyone had researched the DMC colours for comparisons. My green was chosen based on what I saw on my monitor and obviously, reading other blogs, there were some variations. I do not currently, nor can I remember ever, admiring a person. I do however, admire certain qualities that people possess. For this piece, I chose to represent “courage/strength”. I have several friends/relatives who constantly move past their fears, charge into the unknown, have the wisdom to recognize the patterns of life (work & play) and the ability to move beyond where they are, to learn and grow.

My first panel (I’m calling them panels right now) represents facing fears. I have embroidered the word fear using the letters to create a face. I’ve then machine stitched yarn around it symbolizing the capturing and controlling of the fears. (Click on the pictures for larger images.)

Full facing fear panel.                          Full facing fear panel.

The next panel is growth and starting over. It has been stitched on one side of a linen type napkin. I loved working this piece. It really developed a rhythym. This piece has four repeats and is probably about 15″in height.

Daisy border

Lessons learned:

1. Scale the project back or find more time to put into it.
2. Try to have more of the assembly done early so the project becomes more portable.

I am really enjoying myself and this is stretching my creativity which is what I was hoping for. I’ll start February on Friday and continue to work on January as I can.


Creative Moments

December 13, 2007

My creative moments are often literally that. Snippets of time snatched in between running my daughter to dance, tossing in yet another load of laundry, and all the rest of the things that seem to fill my evenings and weekends. This past year, I’ve been challenging myself to try new techniques. So I’ve started a file of notes of ideas I’ve seen on other blogs. Ways to do something that I hadn’t tried. Different stitches, fibres, colours. I eagerly read the Quilting Arts magazine and others looking for something to try. So the other day when I found myself at loose ends for about a half hour, I scooted down to my studio/sewing room/storage area. I had read tutorial on how to create a background using roving. I have lots of roving, including a lovely new one with plenty of sparkle.rovingme.jpg

So I laid out roving in a pleasing to me landscape over white felt. Added sparkly white for snow. Covered with water soluble stabilizer and machine embroidered over top. I’m still learning/practicing my machine embroidery but it’s a great deal of fun and very practical. I’ve dissolved the stabilizer and now it’s waiting for hand embellishing. It is the size of an ATC but I’m thinking about attaching it to card stock and using it as a card instead.